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Welcome to Chrome Mountain Records, an Independent stoner rock, doom, metal record label from Stephanie and Aaron Shaw, Founder/Owner of Arkansas Rocks! Entertainment.  CMR, is the home of Crowned By Fire's latest EP, Space Music For Cave People and most recently, Hell Camino's first two albums, Hell Camino-(self titled) and Orange Lily, as well as two singles released in 2016, "For What I Bleed" and "Burnin' Sky", a remake of Bad Co.'s original   As of January 2, 2018, our contract with Hell Camino has expired, and they are now a free agent.  We enjoyed our time with them and wish them well!  CMR does niche contracts and really tries to "help" our bands!  Chrome Mountain Records was formed in January 2014, by Aaron and Stephanie Shaw, in Royal, Arkansas, just outside of Hot Springs.  After spending over a decade in the local/regional/national music scene promoting bands, booking shows and concert photography/videography, they took the next big step and invested in their dreams.  Chrome Mountain Records (CMR) is carving a new path through the Indie Label world and landed distribution of our products with Heavy Ripples, a division of Ripple Music, and Cobraside Distribution.  We try to cater deals to match our client's needs and offer support and development along the way.  Thanks for visiting our website.  Please check out Crowned By Fire!  Music and merch are available underneath the tabs above!  

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Brand new design by the "art of rock n roll" artist, David Paul Seymour.  Order your T or tank under the "Store" tab above or click pic.

Brand new design by the "art of rock n roll" artist, David Paul Seymour. Order your T or tank under the "Store" tab above or click pic.

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